What We Can Learn From Tim Tebow


Are you like Charles Barkley and “Tebow’d out”?

Many of us are tired of hearing about how Tim Tebow can’t throw (usually from people that have no idea how to throw themselves) among other things. Tired of hearing about everything related to Tim Tebow. His play. His religion. Even the comebacks.

What few have recognized or talk about it are the lessons we can learn from Tim Tebow. Many of us talk about these things. Few of us actually implement them.

Be True To Yourself
Too often we conform to what we think others want us to be. It’s human nature, I guess. We want to be liked, and we want to be successful and too often we deviate from our core values.

What we believe in, what our gut tells us, is what we, deep down, know we should be doing. Tebow’s beliefs and his attitude are either loved or hated, but seemingly not ignored. Tebow is polarizing, but true to himself.

Feed Off the Naysayers
Until very recently most of the football pundits were discussing Tebow’s short-comings. ‘He can’t throw’. ‘He isn’t making reads’, and other nitpicking of his abilities (or perceived lack thereof).

There is negativity to be found everywhere. Even in the form of underhanded compliments from those that are seemingly hedging their bets.

The Denver Broncos General Manager, the iconic John Elway, is anything less than supportive. Even those that Tebow and the Broncos defeated took parting shots and made themselves sound stupid.

In essence many believe that Tebow isn’t, and cannot be, a legitimate NFL quarterback. Some are openly rooting for his failure. Tebow, despite the naysayers, takes the high road and keeps on winning football games.

Recognize Areas of Improvement and Work Hard

Tebow doesn’t shy away from his shortcomings. He readily admits there are many things he needs to improve upon and has a track record of working to make improvements.

Many of us struggle with admitting that we are somehow flawed or could improve. The lesson? Recognize our shortcomings and make the decision to work at improving.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize
The goal of every NFL team is simple. Win football games. Lots of them. When Tebow took over the role of starting quarterback, the Broncos were in a downward spiral to the bottom of the division standings.

The Broncos are perfecting the art of winning ugly and find themselves in the midst of a 6-game winning streak. They’re surprising nearly everyone by taking the lead of their division.

The goal is to win. Tebow has led by example. His work ethic, attitude and the desire to prove the naysayers wrong has helped the Denver Broncos rise to the occasion and create a winning culture.

Needless to say, the Tebow bandwagon is filling fast.