Digital Relativity AI Policy

V.1.2  Effective May 7, 2024


This policy details Digital Relativity’s processes and policies regarding the responsible, transparent, and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our work. As AI technologies evolve rapidly, this policy is expected to be dynamic and change over time to align with advancements in AI and its applications to our marketing and advertising services.

Our priority is to thoughtfully integrate AI into our work to enhance the quality and efficiency of our services while minimizing risks. We aim to do this by safeguarding the confidential information, data, and intellectual property of our partners and agency, avoiding misuse of others’ intellectual property, and responsibly generating and using the outputs of AI systems in line with our internal and partners’ values.


Digital Relativity is committed to being transparent about our use of AI technologies. We will disclose to partners when AI has been used to inform or modify content or deliverables. This disclosure may be made through statements in our contracts, proposals, or other partner communications.

Transparency Statement:

Digital Relativity may use AI to assist in the ideation of content development and marketing asset creation, data analysis and efficiencies. For instance, AI might be used to generate initial copy variations for ad campaigns, analyze large datasets to identify consumer trends, or create preliminary design concepts for marketing assets. However, these AI-generated outputs will always be carefully reviewed, edited, and enhanced by our team before being presented to partners or used in any final deliverables. We adhere to internal AI usage standards to ensure transparency, accountability, quality, and privacy. These standards help us safeguard against biases, maintain data security, and uphold our commitment to ethical marketing practices. One of these standards is that AI should assist our team’s work, not fully automate it. We ensure that Digital Relativity team members understand our partners’ needs and AI’s limitations, shaping and reviewing every deliverable we develop.

Approved AI Tools:

Digital Relativity team members have vetted and approved the following AI tools to assist with daily tasks. Digital Relativity will not use tools outside this list for partner work without written approval from Digital Relativity AI Team leadership.

  • Adobe Firefly
  • ChatGPT
  • Claude
  • Databox
  • Descript
  • Figma AI toolset
  • Fireflies
  • Gemini
  • Grammarly
  • JamBot
  • Jasper
  • MacWhisper
  • Perplexity
  • Prowly
  • Waldo


Responsibility for the output and impact of AI-assisted work remains with the Digital Relativity team members. AI does not replace human creativity, strategy, judgment and accountability but rather enhances our capabilities and efficiencies. Agency policy prohibits releasing any partner deliverable generated solely by AI without meaningful human development, editing, fact-checking and review.

If any Digital Relativity partner or staff member has concerns about the use of AI they should report it immediately to [email protected]. All reports will be treated confidentially and investigated promptly, with appropriate actions taken to address any confirmed policy breaches.

AI Usage Guidelines at Digital Relativity:

At Digital Relativity, we leverage AI to enhance our operations and deliver innovative solutions. However, to ensure ethical practices and compliance with legal standards, we have established strict guidelines regarding the prohibited use of AI technologies.

These restrictions include:

  • Legal Documents: AI must not be used to generate legal contracts or terms and conditions documents.
  • Impersonation: It is forbidden to use AI to impersonate real individuals, including public figures, without their explicit permission.
  • Brand Integrity: AI should not be employed to disseminate misleading or inaccurate information about our partners’ brands.
  • Legal Compliance: AI may not be used in any manner that contravenes applicable laws and regulations.
  • Personal Data: The use of AI to process or generate personal identifiable information (PII) without proper authorization and safeguards is strictly prohibited.
  • These guidelines are in place to uphold our commitment to ethical practices and protect the integrity of our work and partnerships.

Responsible AI Commitments:

Digital Relativity is committed to the ethical and responsible use of AI in a manner that aligns with our agency’s values, policies and quality standards. We firmly believe that AI is a tool that can augment our agency processes and enhance the quality of our work, not replace human creativity and judgment.

To uphold this, we pledge to:

  • Obtain partner consent for the use of specific AI platforms in our creative process and document that consent
  • Protect partner confidential information and not input it into AI systems without express permission. At Digital Relativity, safeguarding our partners’ confidential information is paramount. To maintain the integrity and security of such data, it is imperative that confidential information not be entered into AI systems without explicit permission. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, business secrets, proprietary data, strategy details, and any sensitive material that, if disclosed, could potentially harm our partners or our competitive advantage.
  • Use AI-generated content only as drafts, ideas, and inspiration to be refined and enhanced by our team, never publishing AI outputs verbatim
  • Disclose to partners how AI tools were leveraged in the creative process behind deliverables
  • Not use AI to generate any misleading, harmful, offensive or illegal content
  • Abide by all relevant laws and platform terms in our use of AI technologies  
  • Regularly review AI outputs for accuracy, bias and misinformation before using them to inform our work
  • Monitor and proactively identify any biases, inaccuracies, or unintended consequences in our AI systems. If any issues are discovered, they will be promptly addressed by adjusting the AI models, updating training data, or revising usage practices as needed.
  • Stay current on AI advancements and best practices and evolve our policy accordingly.
  • Provide training on technical and ethical AI usage to all agency staff involved in AI-assisted work

At Digital Relativity, we believe AI can be a powerful tool to spark creativity, generate novel ideas and streamline specific tasks. However, we are committed to always having our skilled team members carefully review, fact-check, refine and build upon any AI-generated drafts or concepts before presenting them to partners or publishing them. Our team’s expertise, strategic judgment, and human-led creativity will always drive our work.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Digital Relativity is committed to being an active participant in industry dialogues around the responsible use of AI in marketing and advertising. We will seek opportunities to share our experiences and best practices with partners, peers, and other stakeholders, as well as learn from their insights. We believe that collaborative efforts are essential for addressing the complex challenges and opportunities presented by AI in our field.

Published: May 7, 2024