The Mobile Web Wants YOU!

Remember awhile ago when you thought to yourself, “Hey. I need a mobile website,” and then just let it go?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  You’ve seen other mobile sites on your phone and think they look pretty cool. But, for whatever reason, it just wasn’t the right time for you.  Well, here are three good reasons why now is as good a time as any to take that idea back out of the closet and re-examine it.

Cell phones are kind of a big deal.

While the use of traditional media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) has declined over the last few years, consumer use of the mobile web has increased by roughly 1200%.  It is also predicted that by 2013, 100% of the people in the United States will have cell phones.

Mobile websites show customers that you want to make their lives easier.

Think about it.  You’re at a restaurant and want to go catch a late movie.  You pull up movie showtimes site on your phone, but lo and behold: the site isn’t optimized for mobile devices.  You see a mess of letters and numbers, and some funny pictures, but not a single movie title or showtime.  Someone, somewhere should have thought about you, Mr. or Ms. Mobilewebuser, and made the site suitable for you.

A mobile website is a viable replacement for an “app.”

Apps are those crazy-cool things that everyone is talking about.  More specifically, an “app” is an application made just for a cell phone or similar mobile device.  On most phones, apps can use the phone’s GPS, email, text messaging, camera and other features to add some functionality to the device.   For example, do you have a restaurant?  If so, why not let people order with their mobile devices?  We all know what more convenient ordering means: more ordering overall.  And now, the majority of these functions can be utilized through a mobile website.

There was a time when a website was a website, and that was all it could be.  But now, there is a lot more that you can bring to the table with your website, especially its mobile version.  Just like with the Internet a decade ago, the television half-a-century ago, and the telephone before that; if you don’t jump on the mobile ship, your competitor will.

So, how does your website look on a cell phone?