Why Marketing Agencies Need Your Budget And Goals

Two things you need to keep in mind when looking for a digital agency are your budget and your goals.

Seems simple enough, but both are often overlooked.

Whenever we begin a conversation about a project, prior to providing a proposal, we always ask, “What are you wanting to accomplish?” and “Do you have a budget?”

Unfortunately, many hear “Would you like to make more money?” and “How much money do you have to spend?”

I thought I would take a moment to explain why we ask these kinds of questions, and lead you to think about your future project.


Before starting any project, you need to think about what you are wanting to accomplish. Yes, we know, you want to make more money and have more customers. However, you need to think about the things which must happen in order for that to come to fruition.

Do you need more people to visit your website and join a mailing list? Do you need more people to call or visit? Each “micro conversion” is a building block for the ultimate goal of making more money, and they are also the items that will determine what components are put together in creating your project.

Have a clear understanding of what will make the project a success before you begin.


This is easily one of the most difficult things to think about for the average small business owner. Most have no concept of how much digital marketing services cost, which is further compounded by service provider pricing running the gamut. However, it is critical to have money set aside for a project, so your digital agency can provide you with the best possible project plan for the money.

We will often take the budget, and work backwards, plugging in the pieces that provide the greatest likelihood of meeting the outlined goals and objectives. Without providing a budget, you run the risk of receiving a watered-down project, or a proposal that is well beyond your means. Neither give you the best possible solution.

So before beginning any new digital marketing projects, spend time thinking about your goals and budget, and you will be rewarded.