“Hop Till You Drop” for the Craft Brewers Conference

We have a special treat for you in honor of the Craft Brewers Conference! It’s called “Hop Till You Drop.” (It’s Flappy Bird with beer, guys!)

CBC Beer gameIn case you live under a WiFi-proof rock: “Flappy Bird” has been in the news lately for being so addictive the developer pulled it from the app store. It’s an incredibly simple, incredibly challenging game. You navigate a bird through a maze of protruding tubes.

And now you can play as a hop, dodging vials brimming with booze. You’re welcome.

How’d this stroke of genius happen?

“We figured we could make something that would appeal to everyone at the event, and maybe even create a little friendly competition,” Justin said. “You earn a numerical score that’s shareable on social media… so that you can rub in your friends’ faces.

“Plus, it looks awesome on a giant iPhone.”

You can play it on your own smartphone from anywhere, or on our giant iPhone at booth #1330 if you’re at CBC.

Beer is a part of our company culture, so we enjoy creating some brew-themed fun.

Our company culture and ethic applies equally well to both brewing and marketing,” Justin said. “We’re taking the best ingredients we can find, refining them, studying them and painstakingly combining them to create the best products possible.”

It’s also just because we love beer, and creativity. (It’s what we do!) And this was both.

“A lot of companies fail to see the value in things like this and end up showing up at conferences with pens and magnets,” Ferrell said. “But that’s not what our company is about.”

Sure isn’t. See what cool things we are about. Give “Hop Till You Drop” a try, view our furniture custom wood conference tables and show up to you conferences with confidence.

In the app store now! 

(Bonus points if you can score 15 or above with a brew in your free hand.)