Time for the Big Game! A Quick and Easy Tip for Craft Brewers

February 1, 2012 By Pat Strader

It’s time for the Super Bowl. Ahem, “The Big Game”.

While it’s a game normally reserved for absurd, albeit entertaining, commercials that try to overcome tasteless beer with ads, there is an opportunity for craft brewers to build connections.

The Double Whammy
As a craft brewer, if you could reach more women with your product, wouldn’t you make the effort? Women play a growing and important role for craft brewers. They are savvy, knowledgeable, embracing craft beer, and represent a huge portion of users of one of the newest and hottest social networks. Pinterest.

Haven’t heard of Pinterest? There is lots of talk about how and why to use Pinterest floating around on blogs, including several great sets of tips on using Pinterest from Sarah.

As the Super Bowl nears, it’s a great time to take advantage of Pinterest and start connecting with folks, including a great number of women, that are interested in cooking, craft beer and cooking with craft beer.

Create a Tailgating or Craft Beer Re

how to use the ipad

cipes Pin Board
Why call the board ‘tailgating’ or ‘recipes’ and not Super Bowl or “The Big Game”?

Simple. Longevity.

By using a more general name, the pin board will provide evergreen content and utility no matter if it’s college football, pro sports, or anything else that involves pre-game consumption of great food and great beer.

What to Do? Share
It’s dead simple. Login (if you need an invite, details are below) and share photos of great food and great ideas, all with a common thread of great beer. Recipes and creative ideas, coupled with a high quality photos, will help you generate likes, re-pins, and provide an opportunity to create connections.

What to Do? Contest
Great Lakes Brewing Company is running a contest where entrants share a photo of themselves with a Great Lakes brew. It’s a great, creative idea!

Something similar could be done, quickly and easily, but with a twist to utilize Pinterest.

Land’s End recently ran a photo contest on Pinterest, which should give you some ideas on running your own. Entrants could pin a photo of themselves, or pin a photo of their favorite beer from your website (easy way to generate some links!).

No matter what route you may choose, Pinterest provides craft brewers a great opportunity to create connections.

Need an Invite?
While more there are more than 4 million Pinterest users, the network is still not “Open” and an invite is required. Need an invite? Leave a comment below and I’ll send you one!



  • starshine123 says:

    My husband and I love tailgating, I think I even love tailgating more then he does. I definitely love a good beer and cooking. I always want to find better recipes to make so I can bring them to my tail gate parties. If I am not working at DISH, I usually am at a tailgate party. Mine are the best since I have the Tailgater from DISH. It really completes a party. We get to watch the game live in HD which makes it that much better. I really love having the ability to have DVR functions while using the Tailgater. I can’t wait for the Super bowl!

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