Digital Relativity – An Example of Change and Progress

Change. It’s good.

Knowing you need to make one, and actually doing it are two entirely different things. After 13+ years as founder and owner of Matterhorn Marketing Solutions, the decision to make a change was not an easy one.

I had grown and changed, learning from small wins and failures. It was simply time to start something new.

When I started, I worked from a home office. Long hours, long nights and plenty of studying as the world of digital marketing was taking shape. Years ago, you could largely rely on one strategy to provide results. In my case, my career began in search. I loved it. Still do.

As the industry began to expand and mature, the overlap of disciplines that is now omnipresent  began to develop. If you had a poor website, your SEO was at a disadvantage. If your content sucked, your website in general would struggle. In short, all aspects of digital marketing are interconnected and a diversity of skill and knowledge is required to ensure effectiveness.

To the point, you need a team of digital marketers.

Working as an individual is nothing at all like working with a team of creative professionals. It took me a long time, and a number of mistakes, to learn the difference and learn the power of simply asking, “What do you think?”.

Digital Relativity was created to bring together a group of talented people to help solve real world marketing problems. The team is made up of creative, driven individuals working collectively to bring a vision to life.

The combination of skills, the diversity of experience and the desire to solve problems instead of simply selling services is what makes our team different. It’s why you should work with us.

Welcome.  Let’s get started.