Craft Brewers Conference FAQ

CBC 2013 FAQ from Digital Relativity on Vimeo.

We are working hard to settle back in after Craft Brewers Conference. Anyone else still have things to unpack?

We had a great time talking with everyone that stopped by our booth. I always find it interesting to learn more about the business behind the brewery, and the hard work that people put into making it happen.

Three questions came up quite often, and I wanted to share them with you and see what you think!

How Do I Use Digital Tools to Market My Brewpub?

We had conversations with many brewpub owners, all full of great ideas and unique approaches to marketing their beer and restaurant. We have created the framework for a Brewpub Digital Marketing Toolkit for you with some tips and information. If you have time for nothing else, be sure to claim all of your local listings!

How Can I Help People Find My Beer?

Seems simple enough right? You make the beer, you send it to distributors and they put it on the shelf, people find it. If it were only that easy! By using depletion and distribution data, you can help people find your beer on those shelves on your website, and through the use of a mobile app. An app can help people locate bottle shops and bars nearby, and allow them to quickly learn more about the beer using their mobile device.

How Much Does it Cost?

It is always the big question. “It all sounds great….how much?”. We begin every proposal process by asking for a budget? Why? Because digital marketing is not a commodity. During the discovery process you will be asked many questions, many of them related to the goals you want to accomplish with your efforts. Parts and pieces will then be assembled, within your budget to create a concrete plan to meet those goals. It is a disservice to provide you a proposal with features that do not fit within your budget, just as it is to provide you with a watered-down version.

Have any other questions for us? Let’s talk!