Welcome to the Next Chapter

Branding is a cycle. Brands don’t necessarily expire, but over time, they become stale. Like everything else in life, growth occurs, and what was once relevant, evolves. The only way for brands to continue to exist is to embrace the evolution and take hold of the cycle.

This, too, is true with agencies. We seek growth and new opportunities and those intern shape our future. Seven years ago DR was a small shop with big dreams. Our core team embraced a vision and committed to pushing the limits and finding a solution, no matter how big the ask. And seven years later, our team has grown to 17 employees, an unheard of growth in a small little town. And while our ideals remain the same, our growth has evolved our agency, finding us at a point in our cycle where it is time to embrace the change and find our path forward.

Evolving a brand shouldn’t be taken lightly. Branding is a significant endeavor and building brand loyalty takes years. So the choice to move a brand forward requires evaluation with special attention and recognition to what change is necessary and beneficial. Sometimes a subtle change can be enough to allow the audience to identify the growth, sometimes a more significant change is warranted in order to reconnect the audience with the brand and allow understanding of the path forward.

Seven months ago DR started the journey of evolving our brand, a necessary step in our evolution. Today, we debut the hard work and investment each of our team members have made in evolving the DR brand and starting the next chapter of our agency. Cheers to the path forward!