What is Digital Relativity?

We are tradigital.

At Digital Relativity, we help companies craft fresh ‘tradigital’ strategies.

Whether it’s website design, SEO, content marketing, mobile applications, print work, campaigns, or graphic design and media, we create a customized plan to help you reach your business goals.

01. / Content & Social Media

Content is a mix of valuable information you provide to your customers. The key word here is valuable. Provide answers, entertainment and useful tools. Make your customers continue to look to you for fresh, interesting content, from your blog to your social media comments to your brochures.

We'll help you make your content count. Don't continually re-pump marketing messages. Plan. Grab attention. Enforce your expertise. You know your product, right? Do you know your customers? Do you know what they want? Let's prove it to them.

02. / Responsive Web Development

Sleek. Simple. Integrated. The commandments of the web world. Your site needs to be beauty meets brains: it should draw people in, connect seamlessly, and lead visitors effortlessly to everything they're seeking.

We'll help you structure your site, wrap it together visually, and package all the pieces into elegantly crafted code that won't be left open to cracks. (No patchwork problem solving.) It will look great on every device. It will connect to your social media. It will be easy for you to make updates as needed. It will work, and it will do so efficiently.

03. / Public Relations

We build relationships— and not just with the media. Our public relations efforts start with identifying all your unique publics, so we can address your audience's needs individually. Stakeholders, customers, even employees— build support with everyone involved with your brand.

We do news releases, too. We know media folks, and we’ve been media folks, so we know what they’re looking for. But media relations isn’t just sharing what you’re doing— it’s planning ahead to make sure you’re creating more valuable things to say.

04. / Multimedia Production

Some things transcend words. Appeal to emotion with graphics, videos and other visuals. It creates stronger associations with your brand, and, if done correctly, can make a lasting, powerful impact.

We can help you make a statement. We know how to make people look, to make them click and to make them care. It's all about using your story to create connections. We'll weave your tale into a persuasive media pull that people won't be able to forget.

05. / Graphic Design

It's not about slapping together something pretty. Branding and logos should communicate your values. Graphics should reveal something compelling. A good layout leads your customers down a path, through everything you have to offer.

We craft cleverly functional faces for your print or digital media. We'll help you peacock your brand with pride. But we communicate; we don't decorate. We'll make sure each piece says exactly what you want it to say with just a glance.

06. / Media Planning

We make sure our messaging is leveraged fully, but targeted efficiently on traditional and digital platforms. We evaluate the reach, audience and value of every ad buy individually (personally and with fine-tuned algorithms), and use that information to confidently guide negotiations so we can guarantee ROI.

07. / Search Engine Optimization

What happens when you Google your brand? When you Google your product? "Googling" is now a verb; it's something people do. Which means potential customers are seeking you online all the time. Increase your search visibility and catch those customers while they're on the prowl. The key is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We don't just add tags to your site. (Those aren't as relevant anymore, if you weren't in the loop. Don't worry, we are.) We'll set your site up to focus on the search phrases that will bring you not just more traffic, but more interested traffic. So you get clicks that count, not just numbers.

08. / Mobile Development

A phone is more than a phone. It's a meeting place between you and an increasing percentage of your customers. Don't leave them hanging. Make your mobile version just as useful as your website. Give viewers everything they want and more with just a few taps.

We can craft an easy-to-use touch-screen interface that will sync with your regular website's updates. And add all the extras of the mobile world that work for your business— location-based services, social media connections, photo functions. Want to create something innovative? Well, that's our specialty.

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