The West Virginia Lottery

Case Study


  • Achievements
  • 7.5% Increase in traditional sales revenue in 2018
  • Instant gaming revenue increase of $2.3 million in 2018
  • 2018 AAF-WV Best of Show
  • 2018 AAF-WV Gold ADDYs (4)
  • 2018 District 5 American Advertising Awards Silver Award

It’s no secret that we love where we’re from, and working with the West Virginia Lottery gives us the opportunity to represent our state in new, exciting ways. The Lottery gives back to education, senior citizen services and tourism & state parks in West Virginia, which is something we’re proud of. By managing campaign development and execution, along with handling planning, buying and placement for both traditional and digital media, we’re helping the West Virginia Lottery expand their customer base and stay connected to the community.



Lotto Bros:

“Never Going to Happen” is a funny and visually playful extension of the themes established in the 2017 “It Could Happen to You” campaign. The introduction of the “Lotto Bros” characters bring an entertaining new spin to the creative and allows the audience to follow along in the pair’s absurd adventures exploring ideas of situations that are “never going to happen,” but do. The “Lotto Bros” are featured on TV, print, outdoor, and social media along with in-person appearances at special events as part of the comprehensive build-out of this year-long campaign.

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Pre-Roll & Digital Ad Impressions



It Could Happen to You Campaign:

In 2017, we developed a campaign for the WV Lottery around idioms associated with luck and the likelihood of an event taking place. We created concepts based on flying pigs, blue moons, and actions that would normally result in bad luck (like a black cat crossing your path, mirrors breaking, etc.) actually not impacting luck at all. By creating three unique concepts to support this theme, we were able to segment the audience and target specific age groups with each placement. The concepts were expanded from a TV campaign into a comprehensive advertising campaign including digital and print advertisements, point of purchase, radio, bus wraps and billboards. Guerilla marketing tactics were also used at local events to create added hype around the campaign.

Unique website visits in the first 10 days of the “It Could Happen to You” campaign


Impressions generated by the pre-roll component of the “It Could Happen to You” campaign