Huntington CVB

Case Study


Changing perceptions is no easy task. When the Cabell Huntington CVB approached us to help with their advertising in 2018, we immediately recognized the need for a rebrand. The result: H-Town.

Inspired by locals’ dialect with a goal reflect the modern outlook of the city and region, the Cabell Huntington CVB embraced a shortened, contemporary nickname to represent the city. H-Town is redefining the town, challenging negative views and bringing positive developments to the forefront.

Along with a new logo, a new website, print ads, and collateral were created to accompany the brand launch.





With a re-invented vision, H-town dares to challenge preconceptions of the city. To lean into this evolution, we created the brand platform (re)defined.

Taste (re)defined.

Craftsmanship (re)defined.

Retail therapy (re)defined.

The platform becomes the focal point of the brand, accompanying every communication, becoming the central theme that is echoed through all materials.