New Platform to Spread ‘Universal Language’ of Beer for Pints For Prostates

We just gave the “universal language” a new platform.

Fight prostate cancer with beer!Beer can do the world good. Pints for Prostates proves it. They’re gathering people with beer events to spread awareness about (and  funds to fight) prostate cancer.

Needless to say, it’s a cause we were readily on board to support. So to spread the “universal language,” we created a better platform for Pints for Prostates to proclaim the message of men’s health.

It’s now easier to find information online about life-saving prostate cancer screenings, upcoming beer events and supporting Pints for Prostates. Which you should do, because they’re an amazing organization.

You might know them from their epic annual event, the Denver Rare Beer Tasting, where you can sample some of the world’s best and most elusive brews, poured by some of the top brewers.

They’ve expanded on this success, offering an Asheville Rare and Wild Beer Tasting, too. We’d certainly love to see this sharing of great beer and raising of funds for the cause spread even further.

Great message. Great methods. We’re proud supporters of Pints for Prostates.

Go grab a beer. If you’re a guy, get a screening. And get on and support the cause.