By now you’ve seen or heard of QR, or quick response, codes.  These scannable images are popping up in a lot of expected, and some unexpected, places.  The beauty of QR codes is that they allow you to share a breadth and depth of information through static channels that simply wasn’t possible before.

QR Code that links to a Video

Companies and brands are starting to get pretty creative with QR codes, such as putting them on everything from bikini bottoms and cupcakes to entire sides of buildings.

Not sure how you can get started with QR codes? Never fear.

Easy ways you can use QR codes right now

1. Product Packaging

QR codes are the perfect tool to use on product packaging.  Think about all the things you would like people to know about your product that simply won’t fit on the back of a box.

Use a QR code to take your buyer (or potential buyer) to a landing page with more information.  Share recipes, usage instructions, tips, how-to’s, instructional videos, reviews, etc.  Nothing is more effective than showing your product in use.

2. Printed Materials

Think about how powerful it would be if a potential customer could pick up your brochure and scan a QR code that shows them a video of your business, your product, your location – whatever might have the most impact.  One of our outdoor adventure clients uses QR codes on their catalogs.  When scanned, users see a video of guests doing different activities. Good stuff.

Besides video, your QR code could lead to a promotion landing page, a photo gallery, product reviews, etc.

3. Advertising
Ever wonder what more you could do to make your magazine or newspaper ad rise above the noise?  Add a QR code and make a static ad interactive.  Again, if space is limited but there is more that you really want to share with readers, QR codes will take those scanning the code to a landing page with as much information as you want to include.

4. In-Store Display

You should think about using a QR code on site or in store at your business.  QR codes can take people directly to your Facebook page, a review website such as Trip Advisor, or a geo-location site (such as Foursquare or Gowalla), where people can write on your wall, leave a review, or check-in immediately.  This is a great option for service-based businesses.

But of course, QR codes can also be really compelling on-site at retail and product-based businesses.  Demo videos, product specifications, recipes, etc. can all be shared through QR codes.

5. Tradeshows
QR codes are an ideal tool for tradeshows, where attendees can often be overwhelmed by the volume of information they receive.  Think about creating a virtual business card with a code; possible clients can simply scan the card while visiting your booth and save your information immediately to their smartphone.

And here’s a final tip.  All of your QR code landing pages should be optimized for mobile devices.  Sending people to a non-optimized site with their phone pretty much cancels out any ‘wow’ factor that using a QR code might have created for buyers.

How are you using QR codes?