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May 2, 2012 By Justin Ferrell
The Avengers

Tomorrow morning, our very own Rusty Felty and I will be setting out for Columbus, OH for Friday’s StirTrek mobile developer conference. Just like in StirTreks past, the event is being planned around the release of a major comic book inspired film. This year, the theme is The Avengers! After the event Friday, we will all get a private screening of the film in an IMAX theatre, so it goes without saying that Rusty and I are ridiculously excited.

Mobile design tips AND a super hero movie? Just tell me where to sign up.

Looking at The Avengers team members, I started to notice some similarities between their team and our own.

So how does the Digital Relativity team stack up against The Avengers?

Jim (Nick Fury)

Jim Strader AKA Nick Fury

Jim Strader AKA Nick Fury

Every team needs a responsible adult to make sure that the rest of the team doesn’t run amuck. In The Avengers, Fury is responsible for organizing and orchestrating The Avengers to ensure that they are able to work together and get the job done, which is pretty similar to what Jim does here for us. Jim is often the lone voice of business and reason in a room full of people with crazy ideas.

Pat (The Hulk)

Pat Strader AKA The Hulk

Pat Strader AKA The Hulk

Bruce Banner is a mild mannered scientist and at first glance, he really doesn’t look any different from the average Joe. But when push comes to shove, Banner is an unstoppable force. This is pretty close to Pat. He will be the first to tell you that he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he is one of (if not the most) determined people I’ve ever met. He doesn’t stop until the job is done, but he still knows how to have fun. Just like gamma radiation gave the Hulk his power, Pat is a beer-and-bike fueled workhorse, hopping from SEO to web development to social, content and even design.

Martin (Captain America)

Martin Bowling AKA Captain America

Martin Bowling AKA Captain America

Steve Rogers was just an every day guy who wanted to fight for his country in World War II. But, the Army didn’t want him. They claimed he was too young and too weak, and just couldn’t do it. Luckily, the Army had other plans for him, and he became part of a top-secret project to create an Army of super soldiers. The result, is a World War II veteran super hero. Like the Captain, Martin is a long-time veteran of the internet marketing and software development game. He’s been writing .NET professionally since the 1990’s. After some work in SEO and digital marketing, Martin moved onto mobile development and even wrote a book on the subject. Martin uses code the way the Captain uses his shield: like a bad ass.

Sarah (Hawkeye)

Sarah Powell-Henning AKA Hawkeye

Sarah Powell-Henning AKA Hawkeye

Clint Barton, or Hawkeye, is a master marksmen and archer, who rarely (if ever) misses his target. He has also been on just about every side of the hero/villain spectrum. Similarly, Sarah has been on just about every side of the client/agency spectrum, so it’s not too difficult for her to see things from multiple perspectives. Because of this extra insight, Sarah is rarely (if ever) off-target with a project. Like Hawkeye’s bow and arrow rarely miss a target, Sarah’s content and strategy rarely miss a target audience.

Rusty (Iron Man)

Rusty Felty AKA Iron Man

Rusty Felty AKA Iron Man

Tony Stark may not have founded Stark Industries (his father did), but his genius and innovation certainly kept it alive. While captured by terrorists in the Middle East, Tony made the first prototype for what would eventually become the Iron Man suit. While Tony’s success may not be 100% self-made, it’s easy to see how he has put some strain on his own bootstraps. Just like Tony (and many in our field,) Rusty is almost entirely self taught. Sure, he had help along the way. But, so did Tony. Rusty entered the field of web development and SEO years ago with nothing but a passion and a stack of books on HTML and CSS, and has never looked back. Like Iron Man to the Avengers, Rusty was brought onto the team because of his awesome ability to just blow things up.

Justin (Thor)

Justin Ferrell AKA Thor

Justin Ferrell AKA Thor

Thor was the son of a god who cast out of the heavens and sent to Earth to live as a human being. While on Earth, Thor was one of the very first Avengers. Similarly, I was the first of the Digital Relativity team (with the exception of Pat, of course) to set up shop in the Digital Relativity offices here in Fayettteville, WV. Just as Thor came to Earth to be one of the first Avengers, I came (back) to Fayetteville to join the Digital Relativity team. Thor’s power comes from his hammer, Mjölnir. With his hammer, Thor can do just about anything. It’s easy to see why his hammer rarely leaves his side. I might not have a hammer, but I do have a Macbook Pro.  Just as Mjölnir give Thor an infinite list of abilities, my laptop enables me to do everything I need to. School work? Got it. Mobile development? Done. Blog writing? Obviously. While my laptop may not let me fly and harness the power of lightning, it gives me all of the power I need to save the world, one app at a time.

What super hero are you most like? Share in the comments!

And Check Out The Avengers Trailer!


  • Susie Hofstetter says:

    This rocks!!! I have had the pleasure of working with Pat for many years. He grew our business and made a hugh difference in the way we looked at marketing. His success (and his partners successes) are well deserved. Here’s a funny: I first met Pat when I interviewed him for a job. We were both nervous and kind of stumbling around so I finally said “Would you like a beer”. It’s all history from there!

    Congrats to the Digal Relativily Team.

    Susie Hofstetter

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