On-Brand and On-Point, Meet Abbey Fiorelli, Digital Relativity’s Creative Director

A creative director can bring balance to any agency. They keep campaigns on point, partners on track with their goals and creative teams in sync.

Digital Relativity recently welcomed Abbey Fiorelli on board. There’s no question that she will benefit not only our diverse group of partners, but also Digital Relativity itself.

“From the first day I stepped foot in the office, I could see that there was an incredible amount of talent here,” Fiorelli said. “Overall, the amount of raw talent that everyone possesses is inspiring. My goal is to foster that talent and match it with our partner’s needs to create innovative solutions.”

The role of a creative director helps move creative projects through our agency more smoothly by having an eye on all the work that is happening with content, design and multimedia.

“By having an understanding of the goals of each our partners, I can help ensure that creative executions are consistently on-brand and will effectively help our partners communicate and achieve their goals,” Fiorelli said.

A creative director’s role is essential in listening to the needs of partners and translating those into successful campaigns that achieve desired outcomes.

“As CD, I oversee all the creative work happening in the agency. I work with the design, content and multimedia teams to ensure that we provide cohesive solutions for our partners. I work with these teams to dream up big ideas for our partners and the plans for execution,” Fiorelli said.

“No two days are ever the same and even when you think you know what the day will bring; it can change in an instant depending on a partner’s needs. I learned very early in my career that you have to be flexible in this business. Needs change on an instant and being organized and flexible are the only two ways to navigate through agency life,” Fiorelli stated.

She comes to our team with a BFA with a concentration in graphic design and photography and a minor in psychology from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. Since then, Fiorelli has risen through agency ranks from a graphic designer to an art director before becoming a creative director.

Welcome to the team Abbey!