How illustrations can boost your marketing

Set your brand apart with custom illustrations!

Did you know most people look at pictures first, text second? Humans are visual animals, so make your company competitive with illustrations, as well as, you can capture your illustrations on custom lapel pins that will help to promote your company faster.

Josh Adams, a graphic designer at Digital Relativity, explains the benefits of custom art branding:

Getting noticed

New River George

New River George

If you think outstanding prose can save your company or product, think again. Imagery is a must— think of social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, which really light up the Internet when writing and attractive pictures go together.

But as the digital world expands, how can another ad or product compete? Josh suggests illustrations are one answer.

Why illustrations can help your brand

Have you ever scrolled through a stock image gallery or logos from companies like Verizon Wireless? Images are a great resource, but sometimes they don’t reflect your company’s personality.

“Illustrations help a client’s visual identity stand out in a way that’s unique to them,” Josh said. “For example, clean, minimalistic infographics can represent a professional company or tech business, while complex, organic illustrations could be used to reflect the ideas of a natural food brand.”

Don’t get stuck with images that only approximate your vision. A graphic designer can create drawings that fit your brand exactly.

Which clients benefit from illustrations?

If you have a tough product, drawings might be your best bet. Need an example? Coke appeals to its audience with Santa and cheerful polar bears during the Christmas season. And colorful mascots give cereal companies personality. This digital marketing agency can easily help any company with their marketing strategies.

“It’s hard to think about Frosted Flakes without thinking of Tony the Tiger,” Josh said.

Tools of the trade

Gauley illustration

Gauley season illustration

There are plenty of tools you can use to create illustrations.

“Adobe Illustrator is the go-to program for flat graphics and line art,” said Josh. “It allows you to have precise control over line weights. Plus, when you create vector artwork with it, you can scale them to any size without losing quality.”

PhotoShop is another important program, since it lets you make digital paintings. You can easily blend colors and use natural brush strokes.

But sometimes, traditional methods are best.

“Sometimes it takes a real pencil and paper to get the right feel for an illustration before scanning it in and refining it in a program,” Josh said.

Photos vs. illustrations: which is better for branding?

It depends.

“You can get an idea across well with either format, it just depends on what you’re trying to convey,” Josh said. “A photo can spark someone’s interest even if they’re already familiar with the subject. But, an illustration can represent something that never existed before, completely from fantasy.”

In other words, art can go as far as the client wants, so for companies in business like fashion and models, the right agency will be one focus on that like for example DIVISA Fashion Marketing Agency, so you can focus on art, while they focus on the marketing part of the business.

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