Brewers: Share Your Beer with Customers with BeerMappr Interactive Map

“I have heard multiple brewers answer the question, ‘Where can I buy your beer?’ with, ‘I’m not sure, but if you see it somewhere, let us know where you found it!’ ”
—Pat Strader, an owner here at Digital Relativity

The problem: Where’s the beer? Brewers don’t know. (So they can’t tell their customers.)

Our solution: BeerMappr, the affordable interactive map that shows customers where to find their favorite brews.

When you create something as amazing as beer, we at DR think that means you should know where it goes. So people (like us) can track it down and drink it. So we made it possible.

“Simply put: Breweries can now reliably and affordably help people find their beer,” Pat said. “It is a win for everyone involved from brewer, distributor, restaurant or bottle shop and consumer and at this price-point its a no-brainer.”

Brewers simply need to upload their depletion reports into BeerMappr, and they’ll get an interactive map of their beer, which they can share with everyone.

“We are marketers, and also craft beer lovers,” Strader said. “As many brewers brew beer styles they themselves want to drink, sometimes out of necessity, we have created a tool to help fuel our own passion for finding great craft beer.”

Many of us here at Digital Relativity are homebrewers. We even brew up special batches of beer each Christmas for our partners. So when we heard there were obstacles for our smaller partners, we realized our web whiz team could topple them.

BeerMappr is up and running smoothly, already in use and generating hype for our some of partners. (Check out examples at Bridge Brew Works and Swamphead. They’re up-to-date, and may we also say, awesome.)

But we have more features to come.

“We hope to add more reports and tools to help brewers understand how their beer is being distributed,” Pat said. “Things like social media integration that will alert users when new data is added. We’ll be using feedback from brewers and users to continue to build the service.”

We’ll be sharing more of the upcoming features at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, at booth 1330.

Strader said he hopes the tool will help drive passionate customers to their favorite breweries. The real end game, he said, is clear:

“I want breweries to have to make more beer.”